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  1. The problem with retrospective analysis in this case is that it assumes DEVILMAN doesn’t adapt his tactics. My guess is that next year he’ll slate 6 items in each category and instruct his followers to choose randomly among them, moderating the slate-detecting effects of EPH and potentially grabbing all 6 slots. That would require perhaps a 20% increase in his numbers to maintain the same effectiveness in the big categories (novel/BDP:LF), but would easily still dominate in the short fiction categories, etc.

    I expect that in fact there will be a decrease in the numbers of his followers next year (they’ll mostly need to purchase memberships again in 2017 to nominate), so I’d bet we’ll have fairly clean nominees in the big categories, but the small and diverse categories (fan awards, related work, short fiction) will still be dominated by DEVILMAN.

    Fortunately we’ve got 3SV coming up, which I think may more or less fix the problem in 2018.

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