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  1. Just finished ‘The Rani Elite’ myself a couple of days ago. All in all this last trilogy was okay, but not great. Better than the last 6th trilogy (I never saw the point of Flick – the most generic companion imaginable – and I wonder if others thought the same given how off-handedly the cliff hanger from that season was dealt with) but I honestly think Peri works much better with Davison. No-one has worked as well with Baker as Evelyn (*makes sad face*).

    I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the fact that this has pretty much got to be the peak time for BF to work with the original actors. William Russell’s 90, Tom Baker is in his eighties, many of the other cast members are in their seventies. They are not going to have much more time with some of them.

    (I also worked out the other day that I’m now older than the starting age of all the actors who played the Doctor apart from Hartnell, Pertwee and now Capaldi…)

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