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So far the Azeri regime had managed to resist bumping off its opponents.

Azerbaijan: Prominent journalist found slain

Baku, 2 March, 2005. 11:30 pm

Elmar Huseynov, the well-known journalist and the chief editor of opposition-minded MONITOR journal was killed brutally at the entrance of his apartment at around 9:00 pm on 2 March 2005.

“He was with us all day long. He left for home from the office at around 7:30. After 2 hours and half, we heard that he was murdered. He was killed, when he was stepping out of the lift at third floor. His wife has heard two slow knockings on the door, but not the shooting sounds”, says Eynulla Fatullayev, the political commentator of Monitor.

Huseynov was found slain close to his own apartment door at third floor. He was shot down with a close distance, as the police found eight bullets in the crime spot. Two bullets were shot to heart, while one directed to his neck.

According to Fatullayev, both the mobile and home phones of Elmar Huseynov were blocked just before the crime happened.

“It is a well-masterminded plan to scare and silence the opposition media”, says a journalist.

A large number of police officers were deployed at the crime zone.

The human rights groups and journalists claim that Huseynov was murdered for his outspokenness and critic articles on government officials and Aliyevs’ family.

“My son was killed on a political order from the top officials. He fell victim to his outspokenness and critic views and articles”, shrieked the father of the deceased.

“I have seen his bloody corpse. The aisle between the lift and apartment door is blood. He was brutally killed. His death is a loss to our free media. We will voice our concern seriously”, says Novella Jafaroglu, the local activist.

Monitor, is a Russian-language weekly and socio-political magazine and critical of the government. Monitor, is always very outspoken in its criticism of the government. The bulk of its 60-odd pages are filled with investigative pieces, exposing official corruption, mismanagement and crime in different fields of economics and politics.

Monitor faced hefty fines and dozens of lawsuits filed by various senior government officials.

I didn’t know Huseynov, but I do know Novella Jafaroglu. My instant take is that Huseynov annoyed someone in or close to the government, who then took unilateral action against him on the basis that President Aliyev and (the real ruler of the country) Ramiz Mehtiev wouldn’t care to punish them. I’ve emailed the White House and EU Special Representative to urge them to press the Azeri government to mount a proper investigation. All pretty horrible.

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  1. liberaliser says:

    If it was me, I’d ask a lawyer. Lots of shops depend on consumers not knowing their rights, and their refusal to take it back (as-new, with packaging) sounds highly suspicious to me.

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