Ninety days on from lockdown

Lockdown is not quite over yet, but we are a lot closer to normal now. I have been keeping an anxious eye on the daily numbers of COVID-19 cases in hospital, those in ICUs and fatalities, and all are now down to pre-lockdown levels. The Belgian government has stopped its daily press conferences and will do a weekly update instead. We are lucky – the numbers are now grimly rising in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, India and Pakistan (and Iran seems to be having a second wave) – not to mention the continuing horror in the United States.

The restaurants opened a week ago and I went for lunch with a colleague:

The Belgian prime minister bilingually posted about her own meal with her (Australian) husband. (More than one of my colleagues looked at the tweet and said they knew the restaurant – I have eaten there too, but only outside which is why I didn’t recognise it!)

Back on 7 April I did a videoblog about our village, ending with the hope that I would sometime soon be able to enjoy a beer at the nearest pub:

Well, last night was the night it happened at last:

(Note very young fellow customer in the background.)

Friday will be B’s birthday, and we will go and see her for the first time since the lockdown. U will have to wait a bit longer, unfortunately, given her needs and the logistics of continuing restrictions. But the trajectory is upwards.

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