North Down latest

The plot thickens in North Down, where one of the UUP’s two assembly members has resigned in support of Lady Sylvia Hermon, the local MP.

The UUP’s strategic linkage with the Conservatives has thus so far seen the nomination in the only seat they won last time given to the Tories, the loss of their only MP and of another elected representative; meanwhile the most winnable of the other 17 seats, South Antrim, is also the only seat where no candidate has yet been agreed between the two partners. Perhaps voters will see this as a winning strategy; I am not myself a voter, but I am not hugely convinced.

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  1. mizkit says:

    The woman who admitted she didn’t have the nerve to kill Mr Weasley (even though the entire book was obviously set up for it) and who killed nearly everybody but the big bad himself off-screen thinks it’s hard killing off characters? The poor darling.


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