Not very exclusive

Amused to find that in July a Moroccan front website “revealed” that my employers have a contract with the Polisario Front. This information is not exactly secret; you can see senior Polisario officials pictured with us in an issue of Time from April this year, Al-Jazeera also doing a mini-documentary about it in January, and my boss flagging it up in his book published last year and in a Slate article from March 2006. If that’s the sort of investigative journalism the Moroccans are paying their fake bloggers for, I don’t think they are spending their taxpayers’ money very wisely.

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  1. I wonder; just how much of the 3D element is important to the film? T’missus is susceptable to 3D-film-induced-motion-sickness so we generally go to the 2D versions, and not to go to films which are 3D for the sake of being 3D at all.

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