Simply tremendous to get together with a lot of fen at Novacon this weekend, in the somewhat old-fashioned Palace Hotel in Buxton. I am a huge fan anyway of Guests of Honour Christopher Priest and Claire North, both of whom gave amusing speeches detailing their problems with the publishing industry; a surprise appearance from Booker Prize winner Bernardine Evaristo, whose husband has just published a science fiction novelOctothorpe podcast with Marguerite Smith standing in for absent Liz Batty; and much planning ahead for next year’s Hugo administration and for the ever more energetic Glasgow 2024 Worldcon bid. And the delight of just hanging out in the many public seating areas with old friends, and even new friends. Many many thanks to the organisers for bringing us all back together.

(First of a thread)

Let’s hope this is the first reunion of many.

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