November Books 12) Magic for Beginners

12) Magic for Beginners, by Kelly Link

Tales of “kitchen sink” magical realism, set in small-town America, some of them drifting a bit further from reality than I could follow, but others very good. No time to write more about this, but I liked it – especially the title story.

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  1. Obviously I haven’t played with settings myself, but Jennie’s quite good with stuff generally and did ask HTC directly for help with it.

    Their, dismissive, response to that was I think one of the final straws that prompted her to give up and tell Virgin she was sending it back. If she’d done what they said (rooted it), she’d be unable to return it.

    It’s a shame, because she was really looking forward to getting it, but if she can get an N8, I think she’ll be happier.

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