One thought on “Numbers Quiz

  1. With great respect to Yousaf Butt, he’s oversimplifying things on Missile Defense to an enormous degree. Inflatable balloon decoys are not cheap, or simple – and have a differing Infrared signature from a warhead. The sea-state problem for the USN also probably affects launches from Iran and North Korea, as currently the ABM-carrying ship has to be stationed near the launching nation. When the ships are equipped with longer-ranged ABMs the sea-state problem could be countered by having some vessels closer to the threat nation.

    To be honest though, the idea of a nation engaging in an attack with weapons of mass destruction when the weather’s right seems to fly in the face of common sense. Not only would they need to know the exact positions of the intercepting ships, they’d need to know the weather state for some time in advance, as the missiles take some time to prepare. These preparations will be evident. Even if quicker-firing missiles are developed all the ABM ships in range of the launched missile would have to be debilitated by the weather, which seems unlikely to me.

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