On my holidays

OK folks, blogging has been a bit slow this week as I tried (and ultimately succeeded) in getting a Macedonia paper off my desk before heading back to Ireland for three weeks. We’ll all be in Ireland from Sunday night till the 20th of August. Best way to track me down is via the contact meme, unless I see you at and ‘s wedding.

One thought on “On my holidays

  1. I read this in high school and really enjoyed it. As mentioned by other users, the book had a lot of teenage angst and grief in it which I could identify with when I read it after moving to a new school and not knowing anybody. I’ll admit that Holden is a bit whiny but most of the teenagers I remember in high school always had something to complain about so I don’t think that Salinger was too far off.

    As far as the whole “Anonymous is a coward!” argument goes; I don’t see everyone else plastering their real name up for everyone to see. I’m sorry if you’re mad because they don’t feel like trying to play the “popularity game” online. Just as someone else said earlier, it shouldn’t be the name that matters but the content, or in this case, opinion.

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