Partitions irlandaises, by Vincent Bailly and Kris

Second frame of third page:

  • Dave Baker. A wee French guy. A bit crazy, But I like him.
  • You don’t know me at all, never mind my filthy alpha male side.

I picked this up on spec in Filigranes one day, a French bande dessinée about two kids in Belfast twenty years after the Good Friday Agreement. Of course they are from opposite sides of the peace wall, of course it turns out that their fathers were both senior paramilitaries back in the day who took an active role in each others’ destinies. There is attention to local circumstantial detail (eg a scene in Roselawn cemetery) while also missing the bigger picture of how people talk to each other. But it’s well meant, and does its best to show people getting on with new lives despite their history; humanely depicted sex scenes; also lots of French slang which I really had not picked up from colleagues. I’ll get the second part as well. You can get it here.

This was my top unread comic in a language other than English. Next on that pile is Jaren van de oliphant, by Willy Linthout.