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 writes a passionate defence of blogging in general and livejournal in particular. Dead right. Having seen someone else’s post a day or so ago about how they had not really talked to anyone at WorldCon, I had already been reminded of how fortunate I was to bump into her and  on the first evening, and how we then found ourselves eating dinner at the next table to Terry Pratchett. She concludes, “…does LJ give me enough benefits to justify the amount of time I spend on it? No – it gives me more.” Indeed.

 links to a BBC article about our old school, noting that the reason the former convent is now part of the school is because there are almost no nuns left. In our day (and we both left over twenty years ago) there were only about six of them in residence; any of you folks (looking especially at , , , ) know how many there are now?

 links to an article from Salon.com about work. Indeed, she helpfully reproduces the entire text.”How did it become the norm to be exhausted, insecure and unhappy in your supposedly white-collar, middle-class or professional job?” In my experience, it’s more something we do to ourselves than something our bosses do to us. But maybe I’ve been fortunate. (Or maybe I’m deluded.)

F asked the other day, “Can princes fly?” (He’s been watching Disney’s Aladdin a lot recently). Of course our first response was, “No, in real life princes can not fly.” But then I reflected than in fact I do know one prince who does have a pilot’s licence (and indeed a degree in aerospace engineering). And then I remembered that my late second cousin did it the other way round, becoming an RAF pilot before he inherited the title of prince. So in fact the real answer to the question is, “Of course princes can fly, if they’ve passed the exams.” (And please, no need to talk of de Saint-Exupéry. His prince was fictional, and he himself was a mere count.)

I made an impulse purchase this morning. I’ve been irritated about the fact that when we got our fitted oven a couple of years ago, we forgot to get a grill pan for it, and anyway it isn’t really suited for grilling. But today I spotted this in the shop, and bought it along with two trout and the ingredients for a recipe from my Georgian cookbook. You put it on top of the stove and it grills whatever you want grilled. Worked like a dream, and the fish was yummy too.

I have a couple of eerie coincidences to share, but will leave that till tomorrow – I need to post a book review first.

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