Places I’ve lived

Have seen a couple of other people do this, linking to the relevant WikiPedia entries.

  1. Finaghy, Belfast
  2. Stoneham, Massachusetts
  3. Wassenaar, Netherlands
  4. Loughbrickland, Co Down
  5. Raunds, Northamptonshire
  6. Armagh, Co Armagh
  7. Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg
  8. Clare College, Cambridge
  9. The so-called Queen’s Quarter, Belfast
  10. Jordanstown, Co Antrim
  11. Serpentine Parade, off Whitewell Rd, Belfast
  12. Banja Luka, Bosnia
  13. Zagreb, Croatia
  14. Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium
  15. Oud-Heverlee, Belgium

One thought on “Places I’ve lived

  1. My back of the envelope calculations say that it should be quite easy to create a Southeast Antrim and a Southwest Antrim constituencies that have a lot more coherence than this proposed Mid-Antrim.

    Southeast Antrim would consist of the proposed Mid-Antrim except all of Ballymena currently in Mid-Antrim, and with the addition of Parkgate, Doagh, Ballyclare, Ballynure, Ballyrobert, Knockagh, Greenisland, Gortalee, Jordanstown, Monkstown and Rostulla LEAs, giving an electorate of 76,648.

    Southwest Antrim would be all of South Antrim with the exception of the LEAs above, plus all of Ballymena within the proposed Mid Antrim, with an electorate 73,504.

    It took me half an hour to work that out, which makes me wonder if it were that easy why didn’t they think of it. Have I made a mistake somewhere?

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