Poached eggs – summary

Well, I’m not very surprised to find that those of you who like poached eggs that don’t taste of vinegar outnumber the vinegar-lovers by almost two to one (9 to 5).

But I am surprised that the total number of poached egg fans is actually equal to the number of poached egg haters (14 each)!

One thought on “Poached eggs – summary

  1. Well, all I know is that every time I try to synchronise Outlook contacts using the Exchage ActiveSync, it stops after about 15 minutes and I get a ‘disk full’ warning, and the contacts are clearly going onto the phone not the card when I check the memory use of the programmes (and with no option for transferring them that I can make out). My 48 hours for email was a sardonic and bitter comment about the lack of memory on the device, not a scientific observation.

    It was absolutely brand new out of the box, and is simply failing to do what I need it to do. I’m pretty disgusted.

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