Presidential commercials

OK, this site is fantastic. All the main campaign commercials for US presidential elections since 1952. Hear Gerald Ford’s voice break as he asks the American people to pray for him. Watch as President Johnson accuses Barry Goldwater of intending to kill children in a nuclear war. Cringe as George McGovern admits that one or two of Richard Nixon’s foreign policies are correct but he can’t understand the others. Fascinating.

One thought on “Presidential commercials

  1. One also feels that he did not have Philip Hinchcliffe’s commitment to making it look good

    Also bear in mind that both David Maloney and Michael E Briant were heavily committed to Blake’s 7 at the time, and Douglas Camfield had serious health problems. So all the top directing talent was out of commission. Williams used Paddy Russell once, for Horror of Fang Rock, but other than than that, Pennant Roberts and (forgive me) Christopher Barry are journeymen, and everyone else was new and (as you say) clearly wasn’t coming into a culture where making it look good mattered.

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