Queen of Wands

Fantastic! there’s a community on livejournal! and actually posts to it when she’s written a new episode!

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  1. jekesta says:

    I picked Interesting Times, but I could just as easily have picked Wyrd Sisters, Sourcery, The Light Fantastic or Mort. I’m quite interested to see if Wizards, Witches, Death or Guards books get the most votes; I’ve seen polls before asking which group is people’s favourites, and Guards always score quite well, but I wonder if as individual books they still do.

    I agreed with your post about Good Omens pretty much entirely. I put it as my favourite book of Neil Gaiman’s just because I hate everything he has ever written and at least Aziraphale and Crowley are quite lovely and I do think they deserve a book with more of a centre. Which Neil Gaiman EATS OUT OF BOOKS WITH HIS DEATHLY TOUCH OF DEATH. (I, quite judgily, think maybe sometimes slash fans think Good Omens is good because they love Aziraphale/Crowley, and read fic and don’t read the actual book that often, and forget that it is actually soulless. Because the fic is really really good.)

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