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So, how much do you read?

At work I read a lot – daily news summaries from four to seven countries depending on my energy level, plus keeping up with official documents, often before they have been officially published. At home, also a lot; I’d say an hour a day at least, plus four or five hours at weekends.

What have you been reading this year?

See this list. That’s 93 books, of which 41 are science fiction or fantasy novels, 7 anthologies and 4 collections of stories by different authors (another 2 mix non-fiction essays with more-or-less genre fiction); 4 non-genre novels, 2 detective novels, 2 non-genre short story collections, 2 humour, 1 short story collection for children, and 1 graphic novel, for a total of 66 more-or-less fiction; and 27 non-fiction – 6 about sf and fantasy literature, with 9 history, 5 biography or autobiography, 4 politics, 2 self-help, and 1 travel.

How do you find time to read?

Usually just before going to sleep. Also while travelling (other then when driving by myself). And at the weekends.

Given two hours a night for a week, how many books would you get through?

About one a night (though depends on the length of course). I am a very fast reader.

goes on to repeat the survey for film and TV but I watch so little of either that it’s not worth my doing the same here.

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