Reflected, ed. Peter de Rijcke

Second paragraph of third section (a quotation from the artist Winnifred J. Bastian) and one of her paintings (of the New Church in The Hague):

‘One could philosophise about a common cause between these two apparently independent developments, but I prefer to take them at face value and create the provocative pictorials their combination evokes. For me, the subject is a gratuitous one; above all, I am a painter of the sea, but I have always had a thing with buildings. The sea has so many appearances and moods. It never stops changing in colour and mood, that and the way it plays with reflections are a continual source of inspiration. My churches are aesthetically pleasing with ordered detail and shape, yet challenged in these paintings by the uncontrollable will of the sea.’

I bought this nice book at the Gallery of Maritime Art in Colijnsplaat opposite the Zeelandia restaurant. It's a collection of thirty contemporary Dutch artists, fairly gender balanced, and their best paintings on maritime subjects. Only a tenner. You can probably get it on mail order from the gallery.

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