#RetroHugos1941 Captain Future and the Space Emperor, by Edmond Hamilton

This marks the end of my project to get up to speed with the sf novels of 1940, and it's a reasonably high note to finish on. This was the first of a couple of dozen stories featuring the eponymous Captain, who goes around the solar system righting wrongs – in this case, liberating the grateful natives of Jupiter from the evil Space Emperor – with his allies, a brain in a box formerly known as Simon Wright, a robot called Grag, and Android called Otho, and a spunky gal from the Planetary Police called Joan. It's pretty formulaic but done with great enthusiasm. In a week when I went for a drink with Captain Europe, and the new Star Wars film, which stems directly from this tradition, came out, it seemd an appropriate and oddly comforting read. On my list.

One thought on “#RetroHugos1941 Captain Future and the Space Emperor, by Edmond Hamilton

  1. Oh, I like this approach.

    The first episode of Doctor Who is a spectacular piece of work for me – it’s so unlike any other Doctor Who story in a lot of ways, but at the same time it is really atmospheric. I think it stands up better than the first Dalek story as well, even as I can totally see why the Daleks became so popular.

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