Saturday evening

Basically trying to wait for F to fall asleep in our bed so I can move him to his bed and sleep in ours.

Collected C and her girlfriend R from the airport about lunchtime and then went into Brussels to celebrate la Fête de l’Élargissement with them, F and Anne. There were loads of people outside the Justus Lipsius (Council of Ministers) building waiting to get in. If only they knew… But really great to participate in the atmosphere of the historic reunification of the continent, everyone visible from the Estonians to the Maltese.

B has taken to filling her mouth with water and then spurting it over U, who thinks it’s hilarious. Obviously good therapy for B who clearly enjoys the interaction though not really ideal for the rest of us…

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  1. bopeepsheep says:

    No, but never mind. It was a community none of you are in. 🙂

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