Saturday reading

Twice a Stranger: How Mass Expulsion Forged Modern Greece and Turkey, by Bruce Clark
The Gift of Rain, by Tan Twan Eng

Last books finished
A Radical Romance, by Alison Light
Animal Dreams, by Barbara Kingsolver
Where Was the Room Where It Happened?: The Unofficial Hamilton – An American Musical Location Guide by BdotBarr [Bryan Barreras]
Calvin, by F. Bruce Gordon
Of the City of the Saved…, by Philip Purser-Hallard (did not finish)
Carbone & Silicium, by Mathieu Bablet
Peter Davison's Book of Alien Monsters
Peter Davison's Book of Alien Planets
The Daughters of Earth, by Sarah Groenewegen

Next books
Wandering Scholars, by Helen Waddell
Neither Unionist nor Nationalist: The 10th (Irish) Division in the Great War by Stephen Sandford

A lot this week! At the end of 2021 I had nearly finished A Radical Romance, Animal Dreams and CalvinWhere Was the Room Where It Happened? and the two Peter Davison anthologies are all very short; and I abandoned Of the City of the Saved… after a hundred pages. So I don't expect to keep up this pace for the rest of 2022.

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