Saturday reading (late)

The Monk, by Matthew Lewis (a chapter a week)
I am the Master, by Peter Anghelides et al
Flicker, by Theodore Roszak
The Island of Missing Trees, by Elif Shafak

Last books finished
Queens of the Crusades, by Alison Weir
The Galaxy, and the Ground Within, by Becky Chambers
A Norman Legacy, by Sally Harpur O’Dowd
Tower, by Nigel Jones
The Pilgrimage of S. Silvia of Aquitania to the Holy Places (circa 385 A.D.), trans. John H. Bernard, with an appendix by Sir Charles William Wilson.
The Sun is Open, by Gail McConnell
The Pilgrimage of Etheria, trans. M. L. McClure and C. L. Feltoe
Signs and Symbols Around the World, by Elizabeth S. Helfman
Light from Uncommon Stars, by Ryka Aoki

Demons and Dreams: Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror v. 1, eds. Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card