Sheep star in Croatia online reality show

According to Reuters:

Croatia has launched a new reality show on the Internet, starring sheep instead of people.

The winner of the 10-day Stado (herd) show, which closes on September 17, will receive poetry in its honour instead of money.

Those voted out of the seven-member herd might be eaten, the Večernji List daily reported on Wednesday.

The show can be followed 24 hours a day on website, where visitors can see how the sheep feed and interact with each other.

They can then choose which sheep to vote out.

The show drew anger from human rights groups who reported animal abuse to local veterinary inspectors.

“I am not an insensitive bastard who abuses animals. We’ve called a vet for those sheep that were in poorer shape,” organiser Siniša Labrović told the daily.

He said the aim of the project was to show that “more and more people, especially those who take part in reality shows, are made to look like sheep in every situation”.

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