Smith for free

I have the first five Lensman books by E.E. “Doc” Smith – Triplanetary, First Lensman, Galactic Patrol, Grey Lensman and Second Stage Lensmen. I have read the first three, but have no intention of rereading them or of reading the other two. All five are therefore on offer to the first person who expresses an interest in them.

(Thanks to

 for stiffening my spine on this.)

One thought on “Smith for free

  1. I’ve always felt East Tyrone had an understated beauty and deserved to be better recognised. The next time you’re in that part of the world, I’d recommend driving up Slieve Gallion (you can park within an easy walk of the top because of the big comms tower up there). Really great views from the North Coast all the way down to Slieve Gallion.

    If you want to drive further, you can drive from there all the way to Gortin on backroads through the heart of the Sperrins – a really gorgeous drive.

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