Story continues

I posted back in July about an embarrassing moment which was entirely my own fault. I’ve discovered (via a casual google) that the woman to whom I asked my tactless question is about to take maternity leave.

So in fact she probably was pregnant in July. But perhaps didn’t know, or wasn’t sure, or hadn’t told her husband yet, and in any case was too early on for it to really have been showing, and anyway there are perfectly understandable reasons (though it would have been uncharacteristic of her) why she would have enjoyed winding me up.

Oh well. I shall stand by for further news, and not ask any more questions.

One thought on “Story continues

  1. Don’t actually think so, also watched that recently, and none of it was in any way familiar, so think it was for the first time.

    I don’t think I really watched much Who on broadcast until mid period Davison, and some of the stuff I should have seen I definitely didn’t.

    Doesn’t actually matter, I’m thinking it’s more likely I read the Voga story than anything else, it definitely seems I knew it from something I’d read, but it could be from anything really, I got into Who properly when I was 8/9ish and got multiple annuals and novels. Ah well.

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