That McLuhan Moment

I was having a row with a NATO official who felt unhappy about certain aspects of our Macedonia report. He was telling me that this would all make Lord Robertson very unhappy, given that he had been secretary-general at the time and that our report made reference to things he had done. I then read the NATO official this email:

Dear Nicholas,

Many thanks for sight of the Macedonia paper. I read it with great interest not least because of my own intimate involvement in the area and it would seem my lasting legacy of confusion over the amnesty. Remembering as I do the fraught circumstances of getting an amnesty and in doing so saving the peace process I’m not sure I want reminding.

I do not suggest any amendment – not least because I might make matters even more complex than they are. Any comment from me in the text would be blown out of proportion. I do however believe it right to get ICTY to hold their decisions, but also that local politicians to be restrained in commenting on the cases lest they paint themselves into very awkward corners.

Yours aye,

George Robertson

Tee hee.

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