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The country with the memorial of gratitude to Napoleon in its capital city, and with (as a bonus) the grave of a nineteenth-century French ruler, is indeed Slovenia – as correctly established by


, [info]elmyra,





, and most especially

. See it on Google maps here. (Or paste into your mapping programme: 46.0471,14.5028.)

The dead French ruler was the raving conservative Charles X as correctly stated by


 (whose answer to the first half of the question was, er, not so accurate). If you want to see dead Bourbons – one real king, and a few pretenders to the throne – you need to go to the Kostanjevica monastery in Nova Gorica.

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  1. I think everyone’s spot on with Colin – he’s also burnt (cold) dinner the night before Vengeance On Varos.

    I have a feeling the Doctor runs a restaurant, improbably, in The Crystal Bucephalus… And probably cooks in his house in Allen Road in the New Adventures, though I can’t say which.

    He also gets out some wine and cheese in Day of the Daleks, though that probably doesn’t qualify, and prepares dubious drinks in The Edge of Destruction (as Ian asks, does the food machine count in the story before, with bacon and egg Mars Bars and Venusian Night Fish)? I think it’s Cameca who makes the cocoa in The Aztecs, though. And it’s the eponymous Time Meddler who makes the Doctor’s fry-up.

    Sadly, The Iron Legion tells us Tom stops off at village shops to buy jelly babies, but I still have a mental image of him creating them in a giant, bubbling mad scientist’s lab deep in the TARDIS.

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