The answer to the previous question…

and got it right; there was a lot of media speculation yesterday as to what would come out of Oslo this morning. But in the end I think the Bangladeshis very much deserve it.

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  1. Re “you know from quite early on how it’s likely to end (and it duly does end that way)”

    In a way this is exactly what Kay always does, and he is so very good at it that it is hard to believe.

    I guess it all comes down to how believably he can make it about the journey, not the destination. And there’s the occasional heart-stopping moment when you get the real-world location perfectly described in a supposedly fantasy world, like mentioned above.

    The only railroad-plotted novel by someone else I remember thoroughly enjoying was “The Wreck of the River of Stars”, even if nowhere near as good as Kay.

    — Teemu Kalvas

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