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Hawai’i. I certainly had no idea about this – the Union Jack completely confused me. Well done to , and and a half mark to (though NB British Virgin Islands not in Pacific).
Liberia. Well done , , , , , ,  and . The independent countries are a bit easier!
Basque Country. Well done , , , and . This was one of the three that I knew also.
Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. That is bloody obscure. (For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s two French-owned islands off the coast of Canada.) Well done to , , and .
Seborga, even more obscure than Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, a small town in Italy which claims it was never properly incorporated into the Italian state and is seeking independence (though not very vigorously). Only got this.
Not Montenegro but Serbia. Well done, , and . Close but not quite there, , and . In the area, .
The Former Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia. If I’d know the answer, I wouldn’t have included this one, as it’s not the current flag of Moldova (which looks like the flags of Romania, Andorra and Chad, but with a different symbol on top). Not surprised that had to cheat (by his own admission) to get it.

points out, entirely accurately, that this is in fact the flag of Transdniestria.

Somaliland. Well done . For those of you who hadn’t noticed, this is the northwestern part of Somalia which is tryoing to get its independence recognised.
Faroe Islands. Well done , , , , and .
The self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Well done , , , , , , and .

Well done, everyone; this was not easy!

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  1. redfiona99 says:

    Count me as another who has just signed up. I am intrigued by this kind of thing, and, while I tried Klout, I found that I had issues with their metric, silly little things like them saying my score had increased while all the indicators that contributed had gone down.

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