The Weather on Versimmon, by Matthew Griffiths

Second paragraph of third chapter:

Hordenza started. She’d been engrossed in the icefield analysis and hadn’t realised the signal from Versimmon was getting through. ‘Ah – Minister Hordenza here,’ she said. ‘Over?’

This is a novel in the Bernice Summerfield continuity, set during the Road Trip audio sequence (not that you’d really notice). It’s a short book set on a world with no native animals, entirely ruled by trees; Bernice and three other women from the human colonising power have to make sense of it all. Another reviewer compared it favourably with Ann Leckieget it here.

Next in this sequence is The Slender-fingered Cats of Bubastis, by Xanna Eve Chown.

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  1. Suite Francaise is really worth seeking out and reading. An emotional read.

    I’m surprised not to see Bonjour Tristesse in there, but the six “proper” entries here would all have occurred to me, plus Germinal/Nana and The Scarlet and the Black.

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