Things that caught my eye

Doug Muir at A Fistful of Euros informs us that Yunus-Bek Yevkirov, the new President of Ingushetia, was also the leader of the March on Pristina in 1999.

One can lead a column to Pristina every day, but of course here in the republic, things are far more difficult.

Alexandra Bell and Ben Loehrke on Democracy Arsenal compare missile defence to snake oil (which I think is a bit unfair on snake oil):

… technology that does not work against a threat that does not exist…

Henry Farrell on Crooked Timber defends the European Parliament:

…complaints about the self-importance and amour-propre of MEPs seem to me to really miss the point.

On a lighter note, Maria Farrell, also on Crooked Timber, muses on kissing:

I do a fair bit of cheek-kissing and hugging, both socially and at work, probably more than most but not unusually so (I haven’t had any complaints yet).

Finally, back to Henry again who has advice for prospective graduate students.

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