Those Nebula Award changes

The rules for the Nebula Awards have been reformed (taking effect from next year’s awards, which will be for works published this year; this year’s awards still cover both last year and the year before).

I think this is excellent news. Indeed, I think I may have been the only person to raise this issue in an online public forum with Russell Davis when he was running for SFWA president; though in fairness had made a related point earlier in that thread. In his reply (which was positive but cautious) Davis reported that it had already been a topic of discussion elsewhere, and made it clear that he had been thinking about it himself.

See here for links to further discussion.

One thought on “Those Nebula Award changes

  1. Our comments have crossed – thank you for delving further into this subject. From the evidence available to us (and indeed the areas of silence) as marshalled by you, I agree that Fiona Gaunt is by far the most plausuble candidate.

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