Thoughts after an insomniac rewatch of the Twin Peaks pilot

This story would look very different today. Smartphones and email have completely changed how we communicate. The scene where Laura’s parents are talking to each other, and Sherriff Truman arrves to tell Leland what has happened, is the most memorable of many framings which depend on land lines being the only method of telecommunication available. And the film of Donna and Laura dancing would now be recorded on one of their phones.

The sequence of the news of Laura’s death spreading in the schoolis very effective – the empty chair, the howls of anguish, the principal’s voice choking with emotion. It is then undermined in plot terms when we discover that Ronnette had also gone missing without the same fuss being made.

They are all rather beautiful, aren’t they! And the air crackles with sexual tension – Andy and Lucy appear to be the only couple with nothing to hide. But Audrey is surprisingly unlikeable at this early stage. And the bloke who plays Leo can’t act for toffee.

Best quote for me:

Agent Cooper: Who’s the lady with the log?
Sheriff Truman: We call her the log lady.

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