Three quickies

Sex in space!!!!!!!!! (Hat-tip to .)

Google latitude – please add me!!!! (I’m not going to gratuitously send out invites.)

Wii Fit – the truth. (Hat-tip to .)

OK, off for lunch with quarsan and Zoe.

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  1. jemck says:

    Clearly something in the air/stars/water. I was delayed on my way to the station by two cars having a minor prang in the queue ahead. Got there by the skin of my teeth, train at the platform, doors open, get through ticket barrier –

    – for a large employee to stand in the open doorway to the platform, arms outstretched, physically stopping me and five other people catching the train on the grounds that ‘it’s already left’.

    We protested, to no avail. He blew his whistle, the doors closed and off the train chugged. There was room inside clearly visible, so not an overcrowding concern.

    His justification – it was 9.30, the train was due to leave at 9.31 and the doors were due to close a minute before departure.

    yes but the door onto the platform stays closed if that’s the case…

    But he had his little bit of power and had decided to use it to screw with half a dozen people’s day.

    Pick your anglo-saxon derived four-letter obscenity of preference.

    Okay, I feel better now. I shall go and put the kettle on.

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