Thursday miscellany

wants to know which of the Livejournal virtual Valentines is worst. It’s a tough call.

is marking essays about vampires.

Neil Gaiman’s hair.

Someone on my f-list posted a link in a locked entry to New Scientist’s coverage of the astronaut love triangle story. Apparently:

Most astronauts are relatively young and in excellent physical health, putting them in a demographic that is unusually sexually active. In addition, most have higher than average levels of education. “That often translates into higher levels of sexual activity and adventurousness,” says Ray Noonan, a professor of human sexuality affiliated with the State University of New York, US.

So the more education you have, the more sexually active and adventurous you are? Sounds to me like something New Scientist’s readers will be pleased to hear about themselves, but that doesn’t make it true!

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