Titan Blue by M.B. Fox (short note)

Second paragraph of third chapter:

I saw Cooper alongside pad 21. He had changed and was now dressed all in black separates with a long trench coat with shiny black boots that came up to his knees. Dark glasses and a baseball cap turned back to front finished the look. I think he tried to give the impression he was some sort of gangster. I think it gave the impression of a moron.

Real Nutty Nuggets stuff, with a shortage of commas and other punctuation. In the future, all astronauts have firmly Anglo-Saxon names – not even a token Celt, let alone anything more exotic. The first named woman character to speak does so on page 48, and again on page 60; she is clearly being set up as the protagonist’s love interest. I stuck it out to page 100. You can get it here.