Too late for Christmas

draws my attention to this sales catalogue:

As a result of the new structure of Belgian Defence, a part of the major military equipment has become redundant and is therefore offered for sale.

1 x 560-tonne minehunter, with 20mm gun, crew of 49 not included;
1 x hovercraft “used during artillery exercises along the sea-side, to recover the targets and to keep the fire-area clear of ships (yachts & fishing boats)”
5 x Britten Norman BN 2A aircraft, plus spare parts
25 x Alouette 2 Astazou helicopters
14 x Lockheed Martin F16 combat planes (12 x single seat, 2x double seat)
9 x A109BA military helicopters, may need some servicing
various Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles
325 x M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers
53 x Leopard 1 A5 battle tanks
5 x bridges, suitable for crossing rivers or other obstacles (NB best used if mounted on a Leopard 1 A5 battle tank)
219 x CVR-T light-weight armoured vehicles
8 x MOR 120 MM RT mortars, no spare parts or ammunition supplied

Just what you want to give that special someone in your life.

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  1. Charles’s presence is encouraging, but it is indeed Robinson’s that is astonishing.

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