Translation 1

English -> German -> French -> Portuguese -> English:

Before long a long time,
I can myself I remember myself calmly,
aboveas this music used,
to smile I form

and knew, if it had my probability
that could make it to dance these people
and could perhaps be happyfor a moment.

But me the Shiver with each paper
that me bad information to the stage of door,
had not formed February me
one another stage to undertake

not could me can remember me, above were cried
that I read the must on of widowed,
something me in the day however
afectasse deeply that music died

Tschuess Mrs. American Pie
Drove thus mine chevy was raised however to Raised dry
and they drank good aged youngsters Whiskey and rye,
the Singin ‘ this ‘ ll the day that meurs,
this ‘ ll I am, was the day that me meurs.

OK, so when did you guess it?

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  1. anonymous says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. I’m thinking SF’s most vulnerable seat would have to be Lagan Valley? I was also thinking that East Antrim may fall into the same category for the Alliance given the boundary changes and a stronger possibility of a nationalist seat. Do you think there are enough votes for both or that the nationalist split will see them cancel each other out?


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