Utopia liveblogging

Back in Cardiff again…

Run, Jack, run!

End of the universe…

“Humans are coming!” Say the werewolves with piercings.

Barrowman in the opening credits!

Hmm, not sure about the music.

It’s Sir Derek, talking about Utopia and bad coffee. A very cute green tentacled assistant.

The beat – Beethoven’s fifth, V for Victory,

It’s Jack, with Torchwood music in the background. And Jack is back on form. Recognises the Doctor immediately.

“Busy life, moving on!” A bit callous. But redeemed by the hug. Martha very pissed off – Rose again.

Jack has lived through from 1869!!!

“D’you just get bored of us and disappear?” Ow. The Doctor’s riposte on blogging gloriously off-target.

The hunt again. Save the victim, but cut off from the Tardis. The teeth thing is reminiscent of Survival, though much better.

A wee Scottish girrl! At the end of the world!

It’s a generation starship! “It’s not rocket science!”

The hand! The first ever flashback to The Christmas Invasion!

Poor Martha has been more freaked out in the first quarter of this episode than in the whole of the series so far.

Hermits! Hilarious!

Utopia Project – sounds a bit like Asimov’s Foundation.

“Better to live in hope.” – “Quite right too!”

The sonic screwdriver as magic wand again.

(What about the Tardis?)

Nasty snarly woman with teeth…

“Food and string and staples.” Great!

They found the Tardis, and it means something to the professor…

The sound of drums…

Martha, “Tell me about it!” Awww.

Giggling girls, very cute.

Stet radiation – very technobabble.

Mutant sabotage!

Woo, disintegrated Jake!

Poor old Jack, he’s going to get all the really crap jobs. “Well, I look good!”

“The sports car of time travel.” Hmm.

Flashback to The Parting of the Ways.

Martha hasn’t heard the end of Rose’s story before, it seems.

The professor’s got the watch!!!!!!

Martha tells the watch story, and the Doctor has never been so dismayed by anything she has ever said to him.

The professor is another Time Lord!!!

YANA – you are not alone! But who is he????

Shuts them out, let’s the werewolves in…. Doesn’t seem friendly!

The professor was the Master all along! I truly did not see that coming! Superb misdirection re Mr Saxon (or is it?)

The injured Master in the Tardis.

Regenerating… Into Mr Saxon? Oh yes it is!!!!

And he’s off, leaving them with the wild men yelling through the keyhole, as Kevin O’Higgins so memorably put it.

Loved it!

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