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I’ve been at home feeling flu-ridden since noon yesterday, which explains the peculiar tone of some recent posts.

It also means I don’t have the energy to pursue several strange and fascinating links I have seen, noted here for future reference for when I feel better:
My great-grandfather’s metallurgy textbook
The Online Etymology Dictionary (thanks to , I think)
The 1990 Douglas Adams/Tom Baker documentary on the future of computers, from
Essay on Amber in Strange Horizons
While I’m thinking of Strange Horizons and my piece on Houellebecq’s Lovecraft which I owe them, here is ‘s response, via several months ago

Also, someone posted in a locked entry that they had attended a wedding which “had a number of peculiarities, apparently as a result of the groom’s eccentricities/strange sense of humour – it not only featured the 1662 wedding service, but also an absolutely frightful old hymn he’d discovered via the Flashman books about converting the heathen, with particular and inexplicable reference to Greenland.” The hymn itself is apparently here. (WARNING! MUSIC!)

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  1. nwhyte says:

    I’m no expert on this, but I don’t know why you think Jonson is copying Shakespeare in either case. Othello is first known to have been performed in 1604, and Every Man in His Humour is first known to have been performed in 1598 by a cast which included one W Shakespeare, facts which place a heavy burden of proof on those who argue that the true chronology is the other way round. I have no idea about Poetaster.

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