Warms the cockles of yer heart

Evaluation form as completed by my departing intern:

How did you find out about the Crisis Group internship program?
On the website.

During your internship what tasks were assigned to you?

Administrative tasks – maintaining schedules and contacts.
Daily – keeping informed on news from Bosnia, Serbia/Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, and the other regions Moldova+ Caucasus.
Research – research on Macedonia name issue; research on visa facilitation for Western Balkans.
Advocacy – accompanied Nicholas to advocacy/research meetings/conferences; then eventually conducted them on my own.

Did you receive adequate feedback from your supervisor on tasks undertaken?

Did you experience any problems working with other members of the office outside of your primary team? No, NEVER.

What did skills did you learn during your internship?

In one word I learned how to be professional. This includes:
being a more efficient researcher; benefits/importance of organisation; the importance of good office relations, the value of preparing fully for meetings – fully understanding both the topic as well as the people with whom one is meeting, and especially the importance of presentation and confidence (especially for me, as I look very young).

What did you enjoy most about your experience with Crisis Group?

First of all, always being treated as an equal, and never as a subordinate intern, by everyone in the office.
Mostly, having been given the trust and responsibility to contribute to Crisis Group and sometimes on behalf of Crisis Group (advocacy meetings).
Many other internship programs treat interns (both in terms of interaction with and as well as duties given) as subordinate secretaries willing to do anything. Never once did anyone treat any interns in this manner, nor do the interns in this office do menial tasks.

What did you enjoy least?

The smell from the refrigerator!!!

How could the internship program be improved?

With Nicholas – there is nothing to be improved, it is perfect.

How can this feedback form be improved? ??? Its fine as it is.

One satisfied customer, anyway!

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  1. On another point, while you’re puzzled why four of the country names don’t have the definite article in Irish, in Welsh only six of them do have it. It’s interesting that fairly closely related languages take a different structure. The Welsh names are:
    Yr Almaen
    Gwlad Belg
    Y Deyrnas Unedig
    Yr Eidal
    Y Ffindir
    Yr Iseldiroedd
    Gwlad Pwyl
    Y Weriniaeth Tsiec

    Another curiosity is why Belgium and Poland are “the country of the Belgians” and “the country of the Poles”, but Finland is just “the land of the Finns”. Aren’t languages fascinating?

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