Wednesday reading

The Empress of Mars, by Kage Baker
Warbound, by Larry Correia
Mr Norris Changes Trains, by Christopher Isherwood

Last books finished
Neptune’s Brood, by Charles Stross
10 Billion Days & 100 Billion Nights, by Ryu Mitsuse
The Finches of Mars, by Brian Aldiss
[Doctor Who] Island of Death, by Barry Letts

Last week’s audios
[Vienna Salvatore] The Memory Box, by Jonathan Morris
[Blake’s 7]: The Armageddon Storm, by Cavan Scott

Next books
Goodbye to Berlin, by Christopher Isherwood
Cyberabad Days, by Ian McDonald
The Road To Middle-Earth, by Tom Shippey
[Doctor Who] The Death of Art by Simon Bucher-Jones

Books acquired in last week (actually some from birthday weekend which didn’t get logged then)
The Sword in the Stone, by T.H. White
Out of the Silent Planet, by C.S. Lewis
The Prisoner: A Day in the Life, by Hank Stine
Monkey Planet, by Pierre Boulle
Carson of Venus, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Saga, Vol. 2, by Brian K Vaughan
Gallimaufry: A Collection of Short Stories, by Colin Baker
Buffy: The Lost Slayer v1: Prophecies, by Christopher Golden
Buffy: The Lost Slayer v2: Dark Times, by Christopher Golden
Buffy: The Lost Slayer v3: King of the Dead, by Christopher Golden
Buffy: The Lost Slayer v4: Original Sins, by Christopher Golden

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