Wednesday reading

The Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein, by Theodore Roszak
Death in Venice, by Thomas Mann
Nexus, by Ramez Naam

Last books finished
Two Serpents Rise, by Max Gladstone
Het Verdriet van België, by Hugo Claus
[Doctor Who] Trading Futures, by Lance Parkin
A Stranger in Olondria, by Sofia Samatar
Bételgeuse v. 1: La Planète, by Leo
[Doctor Who] The Bog Warrior, by Cecelia Ahern
The Global(ized) Game: A Geopolitical Guide to the 2014 World Cup, by Harrison Stark

Last week’s audios
Tomb Ship, by Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby
Elixir of Life, by Paul Magrs
1001 Nights, by Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie, Jonathan Barnes and Catherine Harvey
Current: The Wrong Doctors, by Matt Fitton

Next books
Dawn, by Octavia E. Butler
Ireland Under The Tudors, by Richard Bagwell
The Lacuna, by Barbara Kingsolver

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