What should I read in 2014?

As in previous years, I found your votes very helpful in thinning out my unread shelf this year, and I would once again very much appreciate your advice on what books to read next, by filling in this poll. (I believe that even if you don’t have a livejournal account, you can sign in with your Twitter or Facebook credentials.)

So as not to overburden the polling process, I’ve stripped out of my unread books list all books by white men which I acquired before 2013. This left about 50 in each category (sf, non-genre and non-fiction) which is a pleasing symmetry.

NB that the question for the non-fiction books is different from the questions for the other two categories.

Individual recommendations, pro and anti – preferably of books actually on the lists – are very welcome in comments.

Edited to add: aargh! I see at least one mis-categorised book in the non-genre section. Oh well.

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