Work bleagh

From the fact that I’ve already made two posts this morning (though backdated both of them to before office hours) you can tell that I’m filled with enthusiasm for work today.

Two reports hit my desk last Friday, and I have to do first editing on both before pushing them on to the next stage of the publication process (one on Kosovo, one on Moldova). They’re good reports, but this is the one bit of the job I really hate and which I tend to procrastinate really badly.

Also it’s a short week for most in Brussels as we get Thursday off for Ascension. But with these two tasks to deal with, I’ll probably have to work on Friday, once I’ve woken up after the election coverage. It will be an empty office – almost everyone is doing the pont. (Except our boss, who is waiting anxiously to hear if he’s going to be made the head of UNHCR. Though some think he should aim higher.)

Edited to add: Bah, humbug. One of my colleagues is going to Belfast on Wednesday to Friday this week, just precisely the time of the elections. *jealousy* – especially since he’s Australian and it’s all wasted on him!

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  1. That’s a very close analogue to the Welsh “Yr Iseldiroedd”, though is the Irish plural like the Welsh? “Isel” = low, “tir”= land, “tiroedd” = lands.

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