2007 travels

List the towns or cities where you spent at least a night away from home during 2007. Mark with a star if you had multiple non-consecutive stays.

*Pristina, Kosovo
*Nicosia, Cyprus
New York
Washington DC
Rockport, Maine
Bath, UK
Famagusta, Cyprus
*Skopje, Macedonia
Strumica, Macedonia
Berne, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland
Funchal, Madeira
Thessalonika, Greece
Ashford, Kent
Great Missenden, Bucks
Highworth, Wilts
Loughbrickland, Co Down
Kidderminster, Worcs
Maynooth, Co Kildare
Peyia, Cyprus

I also visited the Netherlands and France on day-trips, and changed planes in Malta, Croatia and Slovenia.

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