520 days of plague

So, here I am in Norn Iron, recovering from a weekend of family party. I must say that it has been amazing to be back. Normally we would spend three weeks here in the summer; obviously last year that did not happen at all, and this year Anne was here just for the weekend, F and myself staying an extra week. We wear masks in enclosed public spaces, of course, and everyone has a battle story to tell; and it’s not over yet. But to have a family reunion was fantastic.


My brother and sister and I clubbed together and got Eleanor Wheeler to create a semiotically charged bird bath as an 80th birthday present for our mother, here being ceremonially unveiled.

And inspected by three out of five grandchildren (our girls not being available).

Apart from being struck down by lactose intolerance, I have been making the most of being here and seeing a few more people, including my godson, his mother and grandmother.

F got to meet Bród, one of the most famous dogs in Ireland.

Not everything goes according to plan.

But basically very glad that travel is possible again, despite inconveniences; and of course as I said at the start, this whole thing is not over yet.

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  1. Speculative, I’m afraid – numbers are much more interesting!

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