A Vampire Quintet, by Eugie Foster

Second paragraph of third story:

Maggie and Feng tried to wedge me between them, to keep Joe from noticing the shakes and twitches running in trails over my body. But even through my buzz, I could still count.

A short collection of short vampire stories by the late and much-missed Eugie Foster, each of which managed to cast the concept of vampires in a slightly different way – drawing on Buffy, of course, but also on other vampire tropes (I suspect including also Charlaine Harris, who I haven’t read) and turning it into something different and original.

(In March last year, I copied the second paragraph of the third chapter of every book I read into my reviews, on an idea of ‘s. I thought I’d try this again for September.)

One thought on “A Vampire Quintet, by Eugie Foster

  1. Did she go into the self-cleaning ability of unwashed bodies (after several smelly weeks) though? People who don’t have access to much water (e.g. in parts of Africa) don’t smell, and stranded Westerners who couldn’t bathe eventually do hit that point. A friend who did a walking tour in the Amazon said that the Indian guides told the tourists they got muddy because they washed; the mud just slid off the guides’ legs.

    So past times may not have had a near-opaque atmosphere of BO. Not that I’m willing to try it out.

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