An irresistible meme

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List 10 books you have on your bookshelf that you think nobody else on your friends list has on theirs.

  1. Becoming Somaliland, by Mark Bradbury.
    (Just finished this today – study of the emerging state in the Horn of Africa.)

  2. ‘with all faults’, by David Low.
    (Rather dull autobiography of a Charing Cross Road bookseller.)

  3. Collision Course: NATO, Russia and Kosovo, by John Norris.
    (Insider’s account of the 1999 negotiations.)

  4. Roger Zelazny by Jane Lindskold.
    (Literary study of the writer by the woman who became his lover.)

  5. Lords of Parliament: Manners, rituals and politics, by Emma Crewe.
    (An anthropological study of the British House of Lords.)

  6. A Bachelor’s London: Memories of the Day before Yesterday, 1889-1914, by Frederic Whyte.
    (Literary autobiography of a distant cousin)

  7. Charlotte Brontë’s Promised Land: The Pensionnat Heger and Other Brontë Places in Brussels, by Eric Ruijssenaars.
    (Looks at the effect of Brussels on the Brontë sisters, and vice versa.)

  8. Ten Years to Oblivion, by “Clem Macartney”.
    (Mediocre sf book by veteran Ulster political journalist W.D. Flackes.)

  9. The Banovina, by Donka Stančić and Miško Lazović.
    (Architectural history of the government building of the Vojvodina.)

  10. Malachy, by Brian Scott.
    (Biography of the Irish saint.)

(I’m only including books I’ve written up here, but don’t let that restrict you.)

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  1. Alex is now the environment minister Nicholas. His portfolio in the last assembly was social development.


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