The answers to the previous question about authors on Librarything who I have met (all are sff figures except where noted):

1) Iain (M.) Banks
2) Carl Bildt, Swedish foreign minister
3) David Brin
4) Susanna Clarke
5) Wesley Clark, US general
6) Paul Cornell (terrible picture!)
7) Hal Duncan (almost as terrible a picture)
8) Roy Foster, Irish historian
9) Rev Andrew Greeley, Irish-American priest and writer
10) Jim Hogan, the nameplate rather giving it away
11) Edward James
12) Brady Kiesling, former American diplomat and IR writer
13) David Langford
14) Iain R MacLeod
15) Ken MacLeod
16) Ian McDonald (taken how many years ago?)
17) Farah Mendlesohn
18) Patrick Nielsen Hayden
19) George Soros, philanthropist
20) Charles Stross
21) Harry Turtledove
22) Jo Walton
23) Peter Weston

All is revealed….

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